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Pelsall Cricket & Sports Club


The next few years of Pelsall's history sees one or two changes in our cricket, this being brought about by our entry into serious League cricket. We chose on Saturdays the Wolverhampton & District Cricket League and have been well pleased with the standard of cricket and have taken part in some excellent games against sportsmen who play hard to win, but who remain our friends after the match. Because of league cricket we drew into our teams one or two new faces which has helped to make us stronger and so we emerged from the lean years of the late sixties and early seventies. We have been fortunate since to have one or two players who have gained League Honours and these are mentioned later in the book. In 1980 we entered the Walsall & District Youth Cricket Association and gained many young lads who are very keen. They play at U/15 and U/18 against local teams some of whom are Birmingham League sides. We are now gaining the fruits of this youth cricket as we have some very talented youngsters, experienced in league cricket, coming through to the senior teams. In 1978 we decided to go on tour of the West Country and have been there each year since. These tours are enjoyed by everyone and we hope they will continue.

Though the 1976 season started badly as both teams adjusted to the needs of league cricket, there were still a number of highlights, the main one being Alan Barton's feat of taking all 10 wickets for 52 against YOXALL, and Colin Hooker claiming (100 wickets) in the season with Brian Stringer scoring (100 n.o.) against EXPRESS & STAR. The first league wins of the season came in July against the eventual League Champions GOODYEAR by 5 wickets with C. Hooker taking (5-17). The second XI victory was against G.E.C. by 115 runs, D. Smith (46), A. Barton (42), D. Round (41), B. Farmer (4-33). Further 1st team wins were: Union Locks 200-84, M. Corcoran (67), L. Bennett (5-32); Wheaton Aston 108-7-104, C. Hooker (48), C. Carpenter (41 n.o.), G. Smith (4-5); Old Guildfordians 86-2-81, K. Radburn (41 n.o.), D. Smith (33 n.o.), G. Smith (3-8). And 2nd XI wins: Walhouse 129-70, A. Dennis (40), D. Round (28 and 6-6); Redditch 99-3-96, B. Farmer (50 n.o.), M. Hudson (34), M. Jennings (6-22). P. Biddlestone returned figures of (8-41) in a game against UNION LOCKS.

In the first game of 1976, T. Suman joined the Centurians, when scoring (137) runs, beating A. Aldridge's (129 n.o.), and also this season, M. Corcoran and R. Perry added their names to the list of Centurians against EXPRESS & STAR and REDDITCH. The 1st XI finished third in the League with M. Corcoran winning the Batting and T. Suman the Bowling. Pelsall also retained the Cannock Mid-week League Trophy for the third year running, eventually making this four the following season. This year saw doubles over Union Locks 209-110, M. Corcoran (40), R. Hobster (38), L. Bennett (5-35). 160-9-156, R. Hobster (52), L. Bennett (6-43). G.E.C. Stafford 102-73, R. Garbett (34), C. Hooker (5-26), T. Suman (4-26). 108-3-104, M. Corcoran (57 n.o. and 3-8). G.K.N, Cable St. 96-7-93, R. Hobster (26), T. Suman (24), C. Hooker (4-18). 162-2-160, M. Corcoran (85 n.o. and 3-39), R. Hobster (56). Also wins against: Thompsons 137-81, M. Corcoran (63), T. Suman (5-19); Goodyears 159-92, R. Hobster (56); Hopwas 160-144, I. Cooper (49), L. Bennett (6-59); Guildfordians 130-56, G. Smith (7-17); Ward End Unity 208-3-205, G. Rose (71 n.o.), M. Gebhard (43 n.o.). 2nd XI: Rushail 87-68, K. Stevens (7-20).

1977 saw Mike Corcoran score 1,000 runs in the season, being only the third player in the club's history to do this, and T. Suman again scoring (100 n.o.). This season saw Pelsall maintain the progress made last year with notable victories over: Chubbs 167-105, A. Mulla (61 n.o.), C. Hooker (46 and 5-24); Stuarts 141-3-136, E. Barton (65 n.o.), R. Hobster (42); G.E.C. 113-77, C. Hooker (7-37); Ward End Unity 199-38, T. Suman (100 n.o.), G. Smith (7-8); McKecknie Metals 135-3-133, T. Suman (41 n.o.), C. Hooker (7-46); Edgbaston Unity 121-3-119, M. Corcoran (75), T. Suman (6-48); Brownhills 107-1-106, M. Corcoran (58 n.o.). And a few 2nd team results: Old Hill 3rds 115-114, S. Wilcox (24), C. Clay (22 and 4-23); Chubbs 96-83, R. Garbett (27), G. Smith (5-28); Goodyears 100-6-96, B. Farmer (43), G. Smith (7-36); Ward End Unity 100-12, S. Perager (7-4). This seemed to be a record-breaking year with Ian Cooper scoring (157) against FOUR OAKS, creating a new club record, M. Corcoran (100) and T. Suman (97), achieving 187 runs in partnership at EXPRESS & STAR beating the previous record partnership by 5 runs, S. Wilcox winning the League 2nd Division Wicket-keeping Award and C. Hooker the League Bowling Award for Division I.

In the first match of 1978, M. Corcoran scored yet another (100), this time in a drawn game against HOPWAS, Bob Mobster reaching his first three-figure score whilst on tour. Before looking at a few results for the season, we will look at some 2nd team names-G. Smith (Captain), D. Round, S. Wilcox, R. Garbett, B. Stringer, T. Hawkins, J. Hardial, L. Share, M. Hudson, B. Farmer, M. Jennings, K. Stevens, C. Clay, S. Perager. They beat SEDGLEY by 2 wickets, S. Perager (5-13), and G.E.C. 88-73, G. Smith (6-24), and G.K.N. SANKEY 168-102, B. Stringer (42 n.o.), S. Wilcox (34), G. Smith (4-40), B. Farmer (3-7). Some 1st XI results-F. H. LLOYD 96-52, T. Suman (6-27), and G.E.C. 188-54, M. Corcoran (52), A. Masters (6-29), and VAUXHALL MOTORS 157-113, E. Barton (34), A. Masters (5-37) and beat CHUBBS by 8 wickets, M. Corcoran (66), T. Suman (7-67) and STUARTS by 9 wickets, A. Masters (4-4).

1979 saw a change in captaincy with Bob Hobster taking over from Laurie Bennett. Bob also won the Wicket-keeping Award for the league. The 1st team achieved runners-up position in the Wolverhampton & District Cricket League, with Ted Suman reaching (108 n.o.) in a game against G.K.N. Cable Street. Ted was the first member of the club to score a century in a league game.This year saw some excellent results for Pelsall with them winning by 4 wickets against STUARTS in a very exciting match, Stuarts reaching 229 and Pelsall 233-6. In this match there was an opening stand of 115 by R. Perry (83 n.o.) and D. Modi (45) with L. Bennett gaining the last 25 runs off 8 deliveries. This followed the previous week's victory over UNION LOCK when again R. Perry. (71) and D. Modi (43) put on 112 for the first wicket. Other games in the League saw vctories against F. H. LLOYDS 136-125, T. Suman (76), C. Hooker (6-25) and against DELTAFLOW 138-81, C. Hooker (6-42) and G.K.N. SANKEY 175-79, T. Suman (70), C. Hooker (8-40).
Wins in friendlies: ASTON OLD EDWARDIANS 150-4-149, C. Hooker (58 n.o.), T. Suman (42); BROWNHILLS 147-97, T. Suman (48 and 3-18); AMBLECOTE 142-52, A. Modi (47), J. Dawes (39), L. Taylor (4-8), A. Mulla (4-10). Meanwhile the 2nd team beat G.K.N. SANKEYS by 8 wickets, B. Stringer (31), R. Garbett (24 n.o.), S. Perager (8-22) in the league and SHENSTONE 155-68, J. Hardial (69), K. Stevens (3-15) and SPRING MEADOW by 3 wickets, A. Mulla (74), M. Hudson (29), C. Clay (7-29) in friendlies. 1980 saw Bob Hobster score (1,000 runs) and win the 1st XI batting. L. Bennett took over (100 wickets) and also won the Alan Poxton Memorial Single Wicket Trophy, C. Hooker won the 1st Division Bowling Award for the League, and Ian Hudson was named "Young Cricketer of the Year". Also this year saw a number of the youth team players beginning to enter senior cricket, some of these were Haydn Perry, Ian Hudson, Andrew Farmer and Carl Share. A few results for this season were-G.E.C. 154-110, T. Suman (54 and 3-14), T. Witcutt (4-19); Lea Marston 108-35, E. Barton (30), L. Bennett (6-15); Wednesbury Tube 132-102, A. Modi (36), G. Smith (5-28); Yoxall 164-47, D. Smith (50), L. Taylor (7-16).

1981 saw yet another (1,000) runs achieved, this time by a 2nd team player, Derek Cobham, who scored (100) of these in the first game of the season against SHENSTONE. Colin Hooker also scored his first century against EXPRESS & STAR, L. Bennett again exceeded (100 wickets), and H. Perry, one of the youth team players picked up both the 2nd and 3rd team batting trophies and was also named "Young Cricketer of the Year". Pelsall beat DUPORT from the Birmingham League by 7 wickets in the Express & Star Knockout Competition and went on to the i final, R. Mobster (30 n.o.), C. Hooker (5-25), Pelsall won the local derby against RUSHALL 171-106, M. Hudson (51 n.o.), R. Hobster (51), T. Witcutt (4-28), and WYTHALL by 6 wickets, L. Bennett (6-27) and WILNECOTE by 3 wickets, A. Farmer (52 n.o.), A. Modi (47).

Let us now have a look at some of the 2nd team results for this season: against NETHER WHITACRE 71-4-69, A. Farmer (29 n.o.), L. Bennett (9-26) and WALSALL PHOENIX 114-99, A. Farmer (29), H. Perry (28 and 4-21), M. Wigfield (3-24) and an 8 wicket win over ALDRIDGE with Soli Perager (9-39).
Sadly, Pelsall lost in the final of the Bloxwich Knockout to Afro-Caribbean. Honours were handed out in 1982 to H. Perry (age 16) who scored 1,000 runs, M. Hudson (1,000) runs which included a century against UTTOXETER and Club Captain Bob Hobster (1,000) runs, which included (100 n.o.) in an 8 wicket victory over ST. GEORGE'S and Bob also won the League Batting averages. In one of the games Pelsall beat local rivals RUSHALL by two wickets, R. Hobster (39), T. Wilkes (37), K. Stevens (7-62) and DARLASTON by 3 wickets, M. Hudson (36), E. Barton (31 n.o.), L. Bennett (6-58) and UNION LOCK 165-7-164, M. Hudson (55), T. Suman (46), M. Liggins (3-37) and EXPRESS & STAR 222-81, M. Hudson (96 n.o.), G. Baker (50), and SANKEYS by 7 wickets, C. Hooker (81 n.o.), R. Hobster (52 n.o.).
In a 2nd team game against ALREWAS, Pelsall won 111-82, D. Cobham (Jnr.) (6-28), and in games against SHENSTONE 115-5-113, H. Perry (36), R. Garbett (29), L. Turpin (5-20) and SANKEYS 151-6- 150, H. Perry (76), R. Garbett (40), D. Chapman (6-32), and in a 4 wicket victory against ST. MATTHEWS, R. Kemp (43) and HAMMER-WICH 104-6-98, C. Smith (36), I. Hudson (4-8) and ALDRIDGE 120-2-118, C. Share (56 n.o.), and SEDGLEY 84-4-83, T. Wilkes (28 n.o.), L. Bennett (6-41), and UNION LOCKS 28-3-27, D. Chapman (6-12), L. Bennett (8-38) against GOODYEAR and (7-38) against CHUBBS.

By 1982 the 3rd team was playing regular Saturday games and a few of the scores for this season were against BIRMINGHAM MUNICIPAL 204-90, T. Hawkins (55), B. Humphries (48), R. Kemp (47), S. Vaughan (4-22) and against FISHERWICK 125-93, A. Perry (42), M. Anderson (5-31).

1983 saw Tem Suman score 1,000 runs and win "Man of the Match" in the Bloxwich Knockout Final which Pelsall won for the first time, meeting Walsall at Bloxwich Cricket Club 105 and 155 against 85 and 82, T. Suman (50 and 30), and (2-14 and 2-24). Other members of this winning team were R. Hobster (Capt.), C. Hooker, M. Hudson, G. Baker, E. Baijon, C. Share, M. Liggins, T. Wilkes, K. Stevens, D. Round. Other good results were GOODYEAR 203-8-203, T. Suman (89 n.o.), C. Hooker (57), G. Baker (3-8), and RUSHALL 146-104, T. Suman (44), C. Hooker (4-21) and BEACON 190-93, T. Suman (86 and 3-11), C. Coley (53) and STUARTS 210-117, C. Hooker (87), C. Share (38), G. Baker (4-10) and CATNEY 123-5-119, M. Hudson (55), M. Liggins (5-20) and UTTOXETER 120-1-119, T. Suman (65 n.o.), R. Hobster (46 n.o.), G. Baker (5-37) and Bob Hobster scored (100) in a match against BARTON-UNDER-NEEDWOOD.

A few good results for the 2nd team were against CHUBBS 150-7- 83, L. Bennett (81 n.o.), D. Chapman (4-8 including hat-trick), A. Masters (4-36) and STUARTS 119-9-117, A. Farmer (24), T. Wilkes (19), D. Chapman (4-35) and HAMMERWICH 115-47, A. Farmer (27), R. Kemp (26), L. Turpin (6-13) and also in 2nd team games, G. Poston scored (53 n.o.) against STUARTS and (50 n.o.) against CHUBBS, and G. Smith (7-44) against SANKEYS. A few of the 2nd team players not mentioned above, Les Share (Capt.), C. Clay, I. Cooper, I. Hudson. The 3rd XI won matches against STREETLY 151-6-48, R. Kemp (63 n.o.), M. Jennings (Jnr.) (38), P. MacPherson (4-11) and PERTON 139-2-135, M. Jennings (Snr.) (67 n.o.), and FISHERWICK 139-60, K. Hodgetts (45), I, Yemm (6-21); A. Perrett in his first game for the club took (6-3)


Back Row:
Keith Stevens, Pat Hobster, Gary Baker, Martin Liggins, Andy Overton
Colin Hooker, Ian Hudson, Edwin Barton

Front Row: Ted Suman, Carl Share, Bob Hobster, Laurie Bennett, Mark Hudson

1984 was the most memorable season of all with honours for the club in all directions. In July the Walsall Knockout was won for the 4th time in a two-leg final against Walsall Phoenix. Captain B. Hobster was "Man of the Match" with scores of 39 n.o. and 26 n.o.) and (4 catches and 2 stumpings). Others who did well were M. Hudson (34-32), E. Barton (23), T. Suman (4-19). The rest of the players were C. Hooker, I. Hudson, C. Share, G. Baker, L, Bennett, M. Liggins, K. Stevens. Bob Hobster again scored 1,000 runs and Colin Hooker took over 100 wickets. The 1st XI went on to win the 1st Division of the Wolver-hampton & District Cricket League. Some of the victories were: G.K.N. Sankeys 153-80, M. Liggins (5-18), G. Baker (5-41); Stuarts 172-3-169, R. Hobster (78 n.o.), T. Suman (50 n.o.), D. Chapman (5-80), K. Hodgetts (3-36); Walsall Phoenix 188-122, R. Hobster (49), C. Share (44), E. Barton (34), C. Hooker (6-53); Beacon 149-74, C. Coley (53), C. Hooker (5-35); Rushall 91-2-90, T. Suman (51 n.o.), G. Baker (7-48); Walsall Y.M.F. 202-87, T. Suman (49), C. Share (44), A. Overton (34), M. Liggins (6-37). In a high scoring drawn game against ASTON MANOR, C. Coley (59 n.o.), R. Hobster (58). Also C. Coley (55) STUARTS, M. Hudson (95) against DARLASTON, G. Baker (6-40) CHUBBS, M. Liggins (4-23) ROUND OAK, C. Hooker (6-17) BEACON, I. Hudson (43) NETHER WHITACRE. Not to be outdone the 2nd team had a good season losing only 5 games and finishing runners-up in Division Two of the League, missing the title by 2 points. A number of good performances during the season by some of the 2nd team players-R. Perry (709) runs, T. Hawkins (545), R. Kemp (523), L. Bennett (Capt.) (98) wickets, D. Chapman (72) wickets, B. Farmer (53) wickets, with G. Smith (6-39) against SANKEYS, D. Chapman (8-22) against WALSALL PHOENIX including a hat-trick, T. Hawkins (63) against SUTTON U.R.M. and Youth Team players who did well in the 2nd team, M. Farmer (33) against SUTTON U.R.M., (43 n.o.) against MARSTON GREEN, I. Hudson (46 n.o.) against R. M. DOUGLAS, (49) against CHUBBS, A. Perrett (6-49) against SEDGLEY, P. Bennett (7-64) against STUDLEY. Some victories for the 2nd team were: G.K.N. Sankey 162-129, A. Farmer (31), I. Hudson (26), B. Farmer (4-27); Sedgley 119-57, A. Overton (46), D. Chapman (4-22); Beacon 128-71, R. Perry (64), L. Bennett (5-21); Brierley Hill 152-92, T. Hawkins (62), R. Garbett (36); Stuarts 128-3-127, R. Kemp (44 n.o.), A. Masters (6-24); Walsall Phoenix 181-139, R. Perry (67), R. Kemp (35), G. Smith (6-30); Rushall 133-55. R. Perry (37), R. Garbett (35), A. Masters (5-15), L. Bennett (5-38) including a hat-trick; Lloyds Bank 176-5- 175, A. Overton (43), I. Hudson (39), P. Bennett (4-73); Bronze 119- 38, P. Dunning (4-11), P. Bennett (4-18); Walsall Trinity 132-77, L. Bennett (45), B. Farmer (32), P. Bennett (4-37); Birch Coppice 197-121, M. Hawes (69), T. Hawkins (34); Nether Whitacre 106-5-105, R. Kemp (34), M. Farmer (32 n.o.), B. Farmer (6-18). G. Poston, M. Jennings, I. Cooper, D. Round, T. Wilkes are not mentioned in the above games but have been regular members of the 2nd team. The 3rd team won against STREETLY 128-76, P. Bennett (5-16), HAWKINS 75-1-73, M. Hawes (33 n.o.), A. Perrett (5-23). M. Hawes scored (75) against YALE, and Martin Jennings (52) against RUGELEY, P. MacPherson (64 n.o.) against MARSTON GREEN, P. Dunning (6-67) against ROOD END VICTORIA, K. Rowley (3-6) against STAFFORD BOROUGH and (3-9) against YALE with (32 n.o.) against CANNOCK.


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