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BETWEEN the WARS 1921 - 1939

The 1921 summer opened with a good victory against Aldridge 129-92. L. Hayward (48). Pelsall continued their good form by beating Hingerleys away 123-45 Hartshorne (6-17) and then Sunbeam away ,160-50. J. Rogers (7-15) being the destroyer. On June 4th, 1921, Pelsall recorded their highest score on home ground by defeating Wednesbury Road Congregational 212-35, A. Stackhouse (Capt.) (49), V. Hayward (53). For the bowlers, W. Lead-beater (6-11) and Hartshorne (4-21). Two other good games during this season were against Birmingham Alexandra Works 178-99, A. Harrington (90 n.o.), F, Rogers (55), and away against Wednesbury II team 195-124, A. Harrington (61). L. Dilks (50). Pelsall opened the 1922 season with a home match against Hingerleys 167-53, the match being drawn in Pelsall's favour, E. Breeze (83) with bowling by G. Breeze (4-18).

PELSALL CRICKET CLUB 1931In a home match against Mayers Green. Pelsall equalled their home scoring record 212-65, W. Hyman (115), L. Dilks (60). Pelsall set a new ground scoring record on 6th August, 1923, when they defeated Coseley 269-136. A. Stackhouse (66 n.o.), G. Duce (36), A. Knight (31). Top batsman for the season was A. Stackhouse (336) runs, and top bowler. G. Breeze (76) wickets. It is now lime to look at some of the players in 1924 - W. Clayton, J. Sutton, A. Stackhouse, G. Breeze. J. Whitehouse, H. C. Gardner, A, Whitehouse, A. Harrington, H. Breeze, G. Duce, D. Wright and last but not least S. Williams. We now turn our attention to 1925 where we find the Pelsall "A" team winning at home against Moor End 101-78. A. Harrington (4-28), G. Breeze (3-23) and then against Elwells away 154-115, G. Breeze (85). H. G. Gardner (39) being the top scorers.

Not to be outdone, the "B" team were giving a good account of themselves. The most notable games being against NORTON away 133-8-42, J. Brown (4-17), H. Stackhouse (3-9) and HAMMERWICH 145-44, top bowler being J. Law (6-19) with top batsmen being S. Law (48) and J. Brown (36). Pelsall opened the 1927 season with a home match against WEDNESBURY P.C. 144-7. top batsman W. Clayton (53). There were some very good individual performances this year, notably A. Harrington (73 n.o.), against ELWELLS. A. Dilks (67 no.) against WEDNESBURY CONGREGATIONAL and for the bowlers A.G. Stackhouse taking (103) wickets over the season.
The 1927 season, however, belongs to Mr. G. H. Breeze, for at the age of 61. he was still showing some of the younger members of the team how to use a bat. When playing PENKRIDGE away 134-1 dec., G. H. Breeze scored (88). and in the return match at Pelsall 178-5 dec„ he scored (89) runs. His total runs for the season being (387).
In 1928 Mr. G. H. Breeze was again in form when playing away at WILLENHALL 183-3 dec. he scored (901) runs. also J. Hayward (39 n.o.) and again when playing a home match against ELWELLS 155-179, G. H. Breeze scored (771) runs. Other highlights of the 1928 season were when playing at home against WALSALL ' A" 151-120. H. F McCarthy (71) and in a drawn game in Pelsall's favour, F. Manning (62 n.o.). In a home match against HINTS, Pelsall "B" team scored a notable win 126-70. P. Duce being top batsman (52) and bowler (3-18).
In 1929 the great all-rounder Mr. G. Breeze was in the limelight yet again. In a home match against ROUND OAK 183-154. he bowled and took (3) wickets with the last three balls of the last over, and in the return match. although Pelsall lost 189-227. G. Breeze at the age of 64 notched up his first three figure score for a Saturday match by scoring (106 n.o.).
The end of season records show that the Pelsall -A" team had totalled 3.596 runs. top batsman being H. F. McCarthy (468) runs and top bowler A G. Stackhouse (85) wickets. The team's end of season total being 2562 runs top batsman and bowler being A Stretton, with (277) runs and taking (67) wickets.

On 30th July, 1931. Pelsall won the Walsall C,C. Knockout Competition and Mellor Cup at Gorway beating RUSHALL with a moderate score of 69-30. W. G. Davis (37). G. Breeze (3-19).

The highlights of 1932 were the victories over ROUND OAK 199-150, W.G. Davis (88), H.F. McCarthy (66), and against WIMBLEBURY 178-30, W. G. Davis (52) and also (5-10). There was also some good bowling from J. Holmes (6-17) against BRIERLEY HILL 93-32. The policy of playing "A" and "B" teams of equal strength continued to work. In the "A" team H.F. McCarthy was very consistent with the bat. In 1933 playing away at BARTON-UNDER-NEEDWOOD, Pelsall won a close match 127-123, H. F. McCarthy (69) and again against MAYERS GREEN 208-54, McCarthy (74), L. Hayward (40 n.o.). H. F. McCarthy was again involved in helping to establish a new club record score against HINTS 296-68 when playing for the "B" team scoring (67), J. Taylor (52) and best bowler that day being A. Richardson (8-26). The "B" team also did very well in defeating at home BARTON-UNDER-NEEDWOOD II 126-52, F. Manning (5-10). It was noted in the match against COSELEY 125-88 that G. Breeze, who by now was 67 years old and had been nicknamed the "Peter Pan" of minor league cricket, scored 39 runs.

Let's now look at some "A" team players of 1934, G. Breeze, E. Breeze, W. Clayton, C. Harmer, H. F. McCarthy, A. Richardson, D. Wright, J. Holmes, A. Stackhouse, W. G. Davis and H. G. Gardner. There was some good bowling results in 1935, notably F. Manning (5-25) against MARSH & BAXTERS 160-53, A. Richardson (53) and (5-9) against KENDRICK & JEFFERSON 133-33, but the best display of accurate bowling was by F. Holmes (9-27) against MARSH & BAXTERS 124-104 in .the return match. In 1936 his brother J. Holmes did slightly better in a match against WALSALL PHOENIX 77-70 when he bowled (9-10), A. Strerton for the "B" team bowled very well against ELWELLS away, by taking (7-15).

It is not very often the wicket-keeper has a mention, but in a match against WILLENHALL away 188-88, E. Fairfield had 3 players stumped and 1 caught to his credit off the bowling of J. Holmes (5-35) and A. Stackhouse (5-40), best batsman of the day was C. L. Harmer (68).
It is also worth mentioning at this point that on July 11th, 1936, in an away match against ALBRIGHTON and DONNINGTON 112-98, George Breeze celebrated his 70th birthday by scoring (14) runs for Pelsall "A". George actually joined the Albion Cricket Club, as it was then, in 1904. Prior to this he had played for Bloxwich, Walsall Unity (1892) and several clubs in the Wolverhampton, Walsall and Cannock leagues.
In 1937 D. Wright (110 n.o.) became only the second Pelsall batsman to exceed three figures on home ground in a drawn match against ENVILLE 187-1-89-6. A few weeks later, however, three figures were again exceeded by C. Stringer (103) against ALBRIGHTON & DONNINGTON 226-38.

Pelsall also won the Walsall Cricket Club Knockout Competition and Mellor Cup at Gorway for the second time (the first in 1931) by beating Walsall "A" team 112-91, A. Stackhouse (59), J. Hayward (4-12).
1938 saw another century maker in the form of F. Wardell (102 n.o.) in a match at home against ASTON MUTUAL 169—105. For the bowlers F. Kendrick (8-45) did very well. A typical Pelsall "B" team for 1938 would be selected from J. Harris, H. Witcutt, E. Breadon, J. Reeves, C. Stringer, L. Edwards, E. Brown, A. Stretton, E. Williams, F. Smith, C. Booth, F. Wardell and F. Kendrick.
The most notable performances of the 1939 era were against WYLDE GREEN 151-44, B. Fairfield (60 n.o.) and A. Stackhouse (5-13), also C. Wright (70), and again A. Stackhouse (5-13) in an away match against ELFORD. In another away game against FORDHOUSES, Pelsall won the match 117-112 with two minutes left on the clock. J. Reeves scored a very useful (52 n.o.) against LITTLE ASTON 126-118.


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